Soirée African Sky

AFRICAN SKY, le premier magazine dédié à l'aviation d'affaires en Afrique, a marqué l'Air Show de Marrakech le 25 Avril 2014 avec une soirée Chic et Glamour, sponsorisée en partie par DALIA AIR.

Vilonistes Russes, Danseuses Russes et Bresiliennes, ont animés cette fabulseuse soirée de lancement, au sein de l'une des adresses les plus chics de Marrakech.

Diner de gala AFBAA

Dans l'écrin idyllique du Royal Mansour Marrakech , l'AFBAA organise un diner de gala en marge du Marrakech Air Show le 24 Avril 2014, avec la participation et co-organisation de DALIA AIR en tant que membre fondateur de cette association.

Ce diner, sous le signe de l'élégance et du presitge, a réunit l'élite du monde de l'aviation d'affaires.

Marrakech Air Show Avril 2014.

DALIA AIR a participé au Marrakech Air Show du 23 au 26 Avril 2014, en tant que première compagnie de Jets Privées Marocaine exposante. En étant présent à ce salon, au sein de l'AFBAA Expo, premier salon d'aviation d'affaires en Afrique, Dalia Air assoit sa présence indéniable sur le sol Africain et ouvre les portes de nouvelles opportunités commerciales en Afrique et dans le monde.

Dalia Air celebrates its 4th anniversary

Four great years as good as ever. This is something to celebrate, and this is the way DALIA AIR understood by organizing a luxurious party in the reception rooms of the splendid Royal Mansour in Marrakech.
Ministers, ambassadors, presidents of big airline companies, painters and writers has gathered, on January 10th of 2014, in the most beautiful luxury palace hotel of Marrakesh, to wish a beautiful and long life to the company DALIA AIR, on the occasion of the celebration of its four years of existence.
During the meal, the guests were able to admire guest stars, chosen among the biggest stars of the Arab world and the west, who alternately enchanted, captivated, then kindled the audience.
Finally, as proof of the gratitude, the president of the company; Hind El Achchabi, made a point of rewarding her best elements with sumptuous gifts.
A memorable evening !

AIAC-Business Forum 2013

The Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation has hosted the second international forum of civil aviation. Under the theme “Competitive intelligence: an innovation and competitiveness strategy”, this forum, presided by Aziz Rabbah, Morocco’s Equipment, Transport and Logistics Minister, was applauded by the head of Morocco’s Airports Office (ONDA) for this innovative topic, illustrating the ambition and promising future of this new generation of laureates.

The forum was punctuated by the signature of conventions with aeronautics specialists and the award ceremony for the laureates of the academy. Also on the program: conferences led by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), the ONDA and Royal Air Maroc, seminars, round tables and workshops orchestrated by the training and recruitment professionals. Moreover, influential figures from the civil aviation sector, the aeronautic industry and other related fields as well as eminent civil and military personalities attended this major event. Business Aviation, represented by Dalia Air, was also a protagonist of this meeting with the presence of Hind El Achchabi, President of the Dalia Group, guest of honor and devoted ambassador of business aviation, who handed an award to the AIAC Academy..

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